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May 20, 2010

Tea Party: When are You Going to Repudiate Rand Paul?

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I’ve consistently argued that the Tea Party “platform”  serves as a dog whistle for racists. Well now Tea Party racists (not all TPers,I’m sure), your dog whistle can be heard loud and clear by everybody, as your beloved candidate Rand Paul has declared he’s all for the  “right” of a racist restaurant  owner to choose not to serve black people.  In his ignorant way he misunderstands the 1964 Civil Rghts Act,  one of the great achievments of American democracy.

Okay TPers, what are you going to do? Align yourself with the Klan on that issue, or forthrightly repudiate Rand? The clock is ticking before you–and your enablers on certain blogsites I could name–are cast into the dustbin of history for  your shame.

May 18, 2010

My Slate Essays…

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March 27, 2010

Tea Party Ignorance: Who is Responsible?

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You have to laugh when a Fox anchor is so embarrassed by standard Tea Party ignorance that he has to correct it on the air. But it makes you wonder: Who is really responsible for such grade school stupidity mouthed by adults? I lean toward individual accountability: it’s the fault of people who lack the education (and/or intelligence), and there certainly is evidence for that in many of the commenters here.

But I think that the shocking irresponsibility of the people who exploit the stupidity of the gullible for commercial or other reasons has to be taken into account. . By encouraging idiocy like “Obama is a communist”, encouraging the propagation of the crude and ignorant views of the Tea Partiers, they must know they are debasing and devaluing genuine political debate in America, abandoning intellectual and moral standards and responsibility and shaming themselves.

What I still would like to know is when the conservatives on this site and others, people I have respected for their intellectual sophistication even when I disagreed with their views. are going to speak out? Do you really want to be identified with Victoria Jackson as your political/intellectual peer? Do you really think, like she and so many other TPers, Obama is a Communist.? Tell us. Why not, like Ron Radosh, at least, try to educate these ignoramuses about Glenn Beck’s toxic pseudo- history, rather than encourage the suckers in their pathetic ignorance? People are going to remember this ugly time and who stood up for historical truth and who was content to be silent or active enablers in the face of thuggery and stupidity. .

If not now, when? Cat got your tongue?

Or are some conservatves secretly happy they have a mob of ignorant thugs on their side? TPers probably have never heard of a fellow named von Papen and the role he played, hs tragic mistake, but those with a knowledge of history beyond Glenn Beck do. How did that work out for him, his alliance with thugs?

But I can’t believe responsible conservatives feel their “side” is the side of such embarrassing ignorance. Why are they not expresssing in print the private revulsion they must feel at the trashing of intellectual standards the Tea Party represents?

Still I’ve enjoyed the unique insight into the tiny Tea Party brain commenters here have given me and will have more to say elsewhere about the valuable knowledge of the TP I’ve gained from being on this site. Somebody has to expose the repellant truth. Indeed I’ve enjoyed being able to speak directly to the TPers and let them know directly what a spectacle their ignorance has made of them. The whole world is laughing at you, TPers.

But to those who have sought for whatever reason to make an alliance with them, just a word of friendly advice. That old saying applies: “When you lie down with dogs, you rise up with fleas.”

March 26, 2010

Happy About This Tea Partiers?

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The ignorant rage that you incite almost killed a ten year old girl. Read this and tell me you feel proud of the way you incite the unstable with your recklesss ignorant rage. Is your hatred of Obama worth a child’s life? Come to your senses if you have, or had, any before you have blood on your hands.

Want to Read About Real Tyranny?

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Check out the plight of persecuted religious dissidents ahere and stop being crybabies throwing violent tantrums because you lost a vote in a democracy.

March 23, 2010

Tea Party R.I.P., Part 2–Thank You for Helping to Pass Health Care

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I’m glad to se that others are coming to the realization that the Tea Party has become a national disgrace. I’ve been saying it all along, judging from the commenters to my Tea Party posts. Yes this collection of ignorant, thuggish buffoons is the true face of the Tea Party

But now the whole nation has seen it on display last weekend and the reactions are becoming more widespread.

In fact I think it’s fair to say that with your spitting, slurring, mob behavior that weekend, you probably are as much responsible for swinging undecided votes toward a yes on health care than has been acknowledged. With so slim a margin I would imagine at least four undecided Democrats decided to vote yes after realizing that whatever they thought of the health care bill, being associated with the bullying bigots of the Tea Party would sicken their soul

As the New York Timescolumnist Bob Herbert puts it in the column linked above:

“It is 2010, which means it is way past time for decent Americans to rise up against this kind of garbage, to fight it aggressively wherever it appears. And it is time for every American of good will to hold the Republican Party accountable for its role in tolerating, shielding and encouraging foul, mean-spirited and bigoted behavior in its ranks and among its strongest supporters.” (That’s you, TPers)

He cites in particular what I think may have been the turning point, the Tea Party’s most emblematic moment. Or it’s defining viral video. I’ve written about it, linked to it: the despicable harassing and humiliation of a guy with Parkinson’s Disease.

By the way how many of you Tea Partiers have followed my suggestion and, for consistency in your principles, volunteered to refuse Medicare and Obamacare and all other government care that you consider part of a communist/fascist plot? (I know you’re confused about these terms, being largely ignorant of any “history” not on Glenn Beck).

Remember when, God forbid, you should get Parkinson’s or some other horrible disease, you’ll have your fellow TPers you can count on to throw dollar bills at you and mock you. By the way health care has passed. Are we in a tyranny yet?

Who would want to be associated with the type of people who identify themselves as Tea Partiers in the streets of the capital and in the Tea Partier comments on this blog. I savor these comments because they give me the kind of direct access to the TP brain that few liberals have, and I have had great fun laughing at your ignorance and writing about it too. But I won’t laugh at you if you get a disease, count on it. I’ll help sign you up for Obama care.

And thank you for being such a disgrace that you helped pass health care. with your repellant language and behavior.

March 21, 2010

How Does the Tea Party Feel About This Assassination Threat?

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Got one here for your evaluation, Tea Partiers. Let’s see if any of you wants to repudiate it. Or will you accept your share of responsibility when some idiot you’ve jacked up with your vile hysteria actuallly tries it?

So let’s hear from you brave commenters. Silence equals approval.

Tea Party, R.I.P.

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Whoever wins or loses on the health care bill, and as I write there hasn’t been a vote yet, the Big, Big Loser this weekend of Washington drama was the Tea Party. The whole world was watching them spitting, hurling racial slurs, strutting around with posters threatening gun violence, acting just the way I’ve portrayed them in my posts over the past month. A mob of cruel and selfish ignoramuses. I shouldn’t have been surprised considering the quality of the comments TP defenders leave. But I think the cruelty was the final straw for me. Hurling contempt and dollar bills at the poor guy with Parkinson’s disease at some demo in the midwest.

You know why you’ve lost TPers? It’s because for all the hatred you mustered for the health care bill, for Obama, you demonstrated not the slightest care for the less fortunate among us. You only cared about your own pocketbook. You never offered any alternative plan for those who don’t have a health care safety net. The only ones your were looking out for were yourselves. It showed,

Anyway time’s up TPers. It may not be immediate, but it’s going to happen. The Tea Party has exposed itself, so to speak. The racial epithets the threats of gun violence, the thuggish mob hysteria.. America s just going to reject it, the way a healthy immune system rejects a virus. The only question is which pundits go on the record dissociating themselves from this sick episode in American politics, really something out of Weimar Germany. And which will be content to forever be identified with them.

Tea Party Defenders Compound Racial Slurs By Calling Victims Liars

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It makes me think of that Jack Nicholson line “You can’t handle the truth”. After three Congressmen testify to being targets of the n-word by TPers, a defender of the racists posts a ten second video that claims that proves the victims are liars because it’s not evident in those ten seconds, then veers into a hysterical rant, does everything to change the subject. But how satisfying it must be to add insult to injury.

First of all it’s a pathetic evasion verging on a lie to say it wasjust a CNN reporter who made the charge. The victims of the slurs themselves, among them one of America’s great civil rights heroes, Congressman John Lewis. I’m sure most TPers, ignorant of history, especially civil rights history, must not know who this man is, and in your sad little echo chamber of bile and bigotry you would never learn. But take some time to look him up, he’s a better man than any of you will ever be, and then hang your heads in shame for defending or denying the slurs he had to endure from your fellows. .

How desperate TP defenders are getting as their true nature is revealed.

March 20, 2010

"Tea Party Sign Calls for Gun Violence" at Capitol Rally

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If you’re wondering why I care about it so passionately, take a good long look at the sign. And the picture of the gun. Yes Tea Party people, this is your movement, so pro- constitutional values, right? Well we have racists, we have people who threaten political opponents with murder. And sane people shouldn’t be concerned? No wonder so many cowardly commenters want to be anonymous. At least it shows they have a sense of shame.

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