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May 20, 2010

Tea Party: When are You Going to Repudiate Rand Paul?

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I’ve consistently argued that the Tea Party “platform”  serves as a dog whistle for racists. Well now Tea Party racists (not all TPers,I’m sure), your dog whistle can be heard loud and clear by everybody, as your beloved candidate Rand Paul has declared he’s all for the  “right” of a racist restaurant  owner to choose not to serve black people.  In his ignorant way he misunderstands the 1964 Civil Rghts Act,  one of the great achievments of American democracy.

Okay TPers, what are you going to do? Align yourself with the Klan on that issue, or forthrightly repudiate Rand? The clock is ticking before you–and your enablers on certain blogsites I could name–are cast into the dustbin of history for  your shame.


May 18, 2010

My Slate Essays…

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