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October 26, 2009

No Racists Among You Obama Haters, Right?

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Then how do you explain this and how did it escape notice for so long on the Republican National Committee official site? Another legacy of “the Southern Strategy” that has served the GOP so well. Are you really proud of the electoral victories achieved with voters like this? Are you going to tell me once again that Lincoln freed the slaves and that excuses everything the Republican party has done to profit from racism since the ’60s? When is the silence of the intelligent wing of conservatives going to end? Do you really want to be associated with these people?



  1. I’m still struck by the irony of taking rules on civility and behavior from someone in love with the term “hater”. Just look at the juvenile absurdity of your title question. No racists among those that hate, really.

    I suppose it’s a better that calling those that disagree with you paranoid, coward, or illiterate. Though you’ve freely use those in that past.

    Your cheery-picking is wonderful too. (What of racism done against past Sec States on the left or Clarance Thomas, or is that not pertinent?) Insufficient anger at something you find? Must be a sign of institutional racism.

    Really what are your criteria? How many internet commentators decrying RNC racist idiocy are sufficient?

    Do you really think you’ll strike a chord by proving the RNC incompetent, out of touch, and worse?

    Have you seen any of the Tea Party reporting done by your peers at this site?

    Mr Rosenbaum by the way you direct your ire, it seems your problem is less with the RNC and more with people that disagree with you.

    Comment by Jack — October 27, 2009 @ 4:06 am | Reply

  2. Mark me down as a racist–I do hate Obama. If he had a fatal heart attack I would celebrate because he is a clear and present danger to our country. But I have nothing to do with the stupidity in the Republican web sites or with the former Democrat who refused to marry that couple. You’re out in fantasy land, Ron.

    Comment by Gary Ogletree — October 27, 2009 @ 5:11 am | Reply

  3. Ron, I love you, dude. But it’s getting hard to read your stuff for all the spittle flying. Take a pill and chill out. People dislike — okay, hate — Obama for a dozen reasons so far and the number is climbing. Some even because they are racist. Big deal. They’ve always been with us, though not as many as before. Far fewer, in fact. You’re not marching in Selma anymore, Ron. Times have changed — just check out the drinking fountains and lunch counters — and you need to catch up.

    Comment by Banjo — October 27, 2009 @ 5:47 am | Reply

  4. After going through 9/11, I felt we had to give Bush a chance and supported the war. I thought the left’s “no WMD” argument was despicable. After getting clobbered in the money meltdown, I felt we had to give Obama a chance. Yes, Bush and Obama are oblivious to alot of things, but our country has been in such dire trouble for so long, that we need to work with each other.

    Comment by charlie finch — October 27, 2009 @ 6:00 am | Reply

  5. Here is a questions for you to think about, Mr. Rosenbaum:

    Why is it that with 40 years of affirmative action and other products of “Great Society” legislation minorities and poor people are just as bad if not worse off then they were before? My answer is that LBJ’s “Great Society” reinstated slavey. Instead of selling people to plantation owners the gov’t took them. The gov’t gives them handouts in return it takes their initative and ambition to make their lives better. Why go out and get a good job when that means the gov’t will take away it’s food bowl if you do? The worst part of it is that the new slaves, black, white, hispanic, all of them, put the shackles on themselves. BTW, “Great Society” was put together by Democrats. Look at the damage that has been done by this racist, classist, badly thought out legislation. The road to hell is a shovel ready project.

    I’ve got to agree with the 1. Jack here. How would you like it if one of us asked you if you had burned your Weathermen membership card and those pictures of you hanging out with Charlie Manson yet? It’s the same sort of question. I bet If I looked on the DNC site I could find the same stuff only coming from the left. I don’t need to though because I can find it in the main stream media. You constantly decry how mean those on the right are to the left and bring up stuff that happened before a lot of us were born and could do nothing about (I’m 36 btw) while ignoring the last eight years. Good lord! You remind me of the kid at the back of the classroom that pushes on the other kids till one of them pushes back then runs crying to the teacher.

    YES! YES! The pics are awful! So was the G.W. Bush Satan pic and the pic of a monkey crapping on John McCain’s head! When are you going to write a blog entry on these? You won’t because then you would have to admit that uncivil discourse is bi-partisan.

    Comment by James S. — October 27, 2009 @ 6:21 am | Reply

  6. Awful picture. In fact, it’s so awful that it smells like a provocation to me.

    I am an attorney for a living and I take calls almost every day from referrals directed to our firm from the local bar association. Most of them are employment-related. I’d estimate that over the past year I have talked to African Americans (I’m white) claiming they were racially discriminated against about 3 or 4 times a week. After careful review of their employment records, their civil rights filings, their EEOC filings, hearing their side of the story, perhaps interviewing a sympathetic co-worker, how many of these folks have even prima facie cases of racial discrimination that I – an interested party – can pursue? One – against a corporate manager of sales for international corporation who was himself not American, but Austrian. And in that case the corporation terminated his US work visa and shipped him to Singapore immediately after my almost-client complained.

    One. Do you know why? Because in 2009 every employer in the United States, whether they have 2 employees or run multinational conglomerates, knows that they will be successfully sued for about a $50,000 if anyone can so much as make an Al Sharpton b_llsh_t case against them enough to force them to the settlement table.

    Do you know how often I’ve seen the EEOC or the State Civil Rights Commission – staffed by good liberals and ACLU types – conclude that a complainant has probable cause to pursue their racial discrimination claim? Twice – once in the above claim, once in one about 7 years ago. I bet the Commission gets dozens of complaints a week.

    So I say this Obama pic is probably a provocation because everyone – Everyone – seems to understand this is how things work in the USA and that you can incur seriously damaging penalties, financial and reputationwise, for making any racist thoughts known or engaging in any conduct that even faintly, constructively appears to be motivated by racial discrimination.

    In fact I was recently trying to sue someone on the grounds of racial discrimination because a black middle manager’s white department head would not get involved in disciplining the middle manager’s employees because they were all black and the department head was completely paranoid about doing anything that someone could characterize as racist in any way. So he just completely absented himself, the middle manager’s sector was taken over by this coven of truly horrible women who happened to be black, and the middle manager (my client) voluntarily demoted himself because he couldn’t handle it.

    But was the department head guilty of racism? Good god – how can you be guilty of racism if you’re terrified that even applying the corporation’s prescribed code of conduct and discipline according to the employee handbook could be characterized – successfully! – as racist because the department head is white and his employee is black? Now you’re racist if you’re afraid that black people will say you’re racist?

    HA! Well guess what – they will! I talk to them almost every day!

    So I call b_llsh_t on your miscegenation story, Ron. It was probably up for a few days because people don’t check their own pictures page on Facebook very often or at all. Sorry bud, the Left’s tactics are too well-known. By the way, when’re you who are men on that side of the aisle going to recognize that these manipulative provocations are… so freaking feminine? What a bunch of dishonorable political prostitutes you all are.

    Comment by dan — October 27, 2009 @ 8:02 am | Reply

  7. Charles Johnson at the blog Little Green Footballs has been very good about denouncing this kind of thing. He has been very clear about it, no obfuscations, no “but the Left does this, too…” excuses. It shows up the pusillanimity or plain dishonesty of too many others on the Right. There are a few other voices too. It is an issue that draws a clear line.

    And dan, I’d be more inclined to believe your story if you didn’t display your misogyny so openly in those last few lines. Whew!

    Comment by Fred Mecklenburg — October 27, 2009 @ 12:52 pm | Reply

  8. You know, Obama should really slap down Sens. Lieberman, Nelson, Landrieu and Bayh for opposing the public option. They are an even bigger danger than the nutjob right. Obama thinks he’s George Jessel “The Toastmaster General”

    Comment by charlie finch — October 27, 2009 @ 2:36 pm | Reply

  9. Mr. Rosenbaum, do you read any conservative blogs? The Media Blog on National Review Online posted about this story yesterday. Actually, from the time stamp, they posted about it before you did.

    Comment by James S. — October 27, 2009 @ 7:37 pm | Reply

  10. Ron,

    I admire your crusade against the odious commentators on your site, who I think are a representative of a salient, but in the end, minority of conservatives. I do agree there is something structural in the entire ideology related to white supremacy, misogyny, homophobia, etc, and I do not mean to gloss over all that–but I ultimately find these people far less threatening than the diabolically pseudo-intellectual anti-semites who are popping up in increasingly leftist quarters. i have seen punk rockers on the lower east side recommending protocols of zion-esque youtube videos to one another over PBRs in the old stomping grounds of the Ramones et al. In Bolivia, where I spent a summer a few years back after the election of Evo Morales, I was forced to endure similar nonsense at the hands of more or less leftist fellow-travelers in the ex-pat bars (i don’t have enough spanish to comment on the specifics of what I suspect I was hearing from drunken Quechuas in the local bars, but you don’t have to be a Gabriel Garcia Marquez to be suspicious of a sloshed and unemployed day laborer who grunts out the word “Judeo” five times in a paragraph with rising intensity. Check out Michael Weiss’ recent post on Hugo Chavez to get a taste of that particular strain of the old paranoia So, anyway, you are a busy man, and I know you are already on the case, but these people are a real fucking threat, and just as intelligent right-wingers need to acknowledge the evil in their lower ranks, we do as well. Keep taunting all of these bastards all the time and let them speak for themselves, in public, which I think is maybe the best medicine for stemming the infection.

    Comment by Tim Rinaldi — October 28, 2009 @ 12:48 pm | Reply

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