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August 21, 2009

Commenter Boasts of Right to Murder Government Officials

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See: this is what I’m talking about. Commenter culture has become dominated sickos who essentially threaten to murder government officials they disagree with. How else do you interpret the last paragarh of this comment appended to my post asking “When will Right-Wingers Denounce Those Who Bring Guns to Rallies?”:

“The American people have been pushed to respond in suit to the gangster tactics of this administration, if only to remind them who has the inherent right to carry guns and to dispose of governmental representatives and their policies.”

“Dispose of”–i.e. euphemistically, murder–government reresentatives. Are you right winger columnists and talkers actually proud of the havoc you’ve wreaked on these unstable minds. That this is the kind of suorter you’ve garnered with your fear-mongering polemics.

Good thing we have his IP, since, of course, he was too cowardly to use his name.

Once again I ask: when are right wing commenters going to denounce those who threaten murder as a response to political disagreement. Those of you who stay silent will have blood on your hands when it happens.



  1. Professor Paul Light of NYU brilliantly pointed out on CSPAN yesterday that Obama is to blame for his own predicament by “campaigning” as if he had a health plan, when he just punted the responsibility down the field to Baucus and Pelosi. So far, Barack is more Ferris Bueller than Franklin Roosevelt. Paul Light (a liberal who is an expert on Presidential strategy) thinks that Obama’s squandering of his political capital is dully typical of most Presidencies. The second stimulus, cash for clunkers, health insurance competition, a weak hand in Afghanistan, waffling on Iran are all symptoms of a very weak performance so far. Complaining about the right is pointless: Obama has given the reactionaries an opening when he could have benignly crushed them into irrelevance. Professor Light re-iterated that it is not to late for a refreshed President to come back in September and exercise true leadership. So far, Obama is a Harding, with the inevitable corruption to come. A huge disappointment!

    Comment by charlie finch — August 22, 2009 @ 8:00 am | Reply

  2. Mr. Rosenbaum, let me point out for you and for the edification of all, the essential difference between the two questions you ask in two of your previous posts.
    “When will right wingers denounce those who carry guns to rallies?“
    “Once again I ask: when are right wing commenters going to denounce those who threaten murder as a response to political disagreement.”

    Apparently (“ask again“) you see these questions as equivalent. They most certainly are not.
    One of the points I was trying to make in response to the first question, was that it is inappropriate to ask others to denounce people for lawful exercise of a constitutionally protected right, (legally carrying a gun). Even if you would like to propagate your own squeemish feelings with regard to firearms, the act of (again legally) carrying a gun at a rally is an instance of political speech, not unlike burning a flag, and you must admit that the significance of such “speech“ cannot be reduced to what a partisan blogger wants to make of it. Did you or anyone ask the gun carriers what they were thinking before drawing conclusions? Are you aware the secret service doesn’t even consider this the veiled threat you think it is?

    Now as to your second iteration, let me say that I will jump over people to be the first to denounce any threat of harm (let alone murder) leveled at any disputant in a political debate, elected official or ordinary citizen. (Although, alas for your purposes, I am far from a “right winger.”) Moreover I will also denounce anyone who, for political purposes, tries to attribute such an intention to any party innocent of it. Ergo… I “denounce” you in your attempt to libel me, with your willful and twisted interpretation of my words, accusing me of nothing short of criminal intent, and virtual threat. All so you could jump to your preformed conclusion.
    A Shakespearean scholar should not need an English lesson.
    Non the less, here are the definitions my dictionary (OED) has for “dispose.”
    1. a. To place things at proper distances apart…and in proper positions.
    b. To put into proper or suitable place.
    c. To deal with in any way.
    d. To place in a particular employment, situation or condition.
    2. To regulate or govern in an orderly way. To order, control, manage.
    3. To assign or deliver authoritatively.
    4. To bestow…hand over.
    5. To put into proper frame for some action or result.
    6. To put in a favorable mood.

    Of course, the commonest colloquial usage today is “to throw out” as in “throw the bums out.”
    (Since my training is in theology, the sentence I had in mind when selecting that word, applicable to politicians and their policies, is “Man proposes but God disposes.” “Man” here being our representatives and “God” the sovereignty of the electorate.)
    Where on earth did you get “the right to murder our representatives”? From your agenda, not from my words.
    When I say the American people are responding “in suit” to Obama’s “threat” to bring a gun to the knife fight….does Obama wield a real gun? Is he murdering people? “In suit” means in like manner; it is a figurative “gun” (power) on either side. (Duh!) I understand Obama’s “gun’ as a metaphor for the Chicago strong-arm tactics. Tactics that include just what you did to my post: ignore the salient points, find something to stigmatize; don’t answer the question, attack the questioner.
    And although I am a lifelong registered Democratic, right now I’m proud as Crowder of the gumption of the American people to “push back” against this unprecedented power and money grab. (A trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon it adds up to Zimbabwe.)

    Oh, and besides this libel of intent to murder, you additionally and rather gratuitously, called me a coward; because I use a nom de plume? Do you call all your posters who agree with you who do not use their real name “cowards”?
    “Flying Squirrel” is a nod to my first instructors in sarcasm, Rocket J and Bullwinkle. But who cares? and who cares if my real name is Michael; or that I live in New York, am a Viet Nam era vet, have a multiracial family and belong to a left wing peace church (UU). Is your stereotype of the racist haters who oppose our president dead yet?

    Do you sir have the decency to recant your salacious and insulting charges? Are you big enough to apologize? Or do you need to cling to your “guns and right wingers” rhetoric. You should also apologize to Roger for violating the Pajamas guideline concerning the ad hominem attack.

    And good thing you have you have my IP! You have the chance to send me a personal email, we could meet and discuss Bob Dylan, metaphor and metonymy; or perhaps you would like the opportunity to call me a coward to my face.

    Comment by flying squirrel — August 23, 2009 @ 10:27 pm | Reply

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