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January 19, 2009

King and Obama: America is Just Plain Lucky

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Think of an America in which Louis Farrakhan became the leader of the black liberation movement, or even Stokely Carmichael (remember him?). It could have happened. Think of what we leaned from the moral beauty of King’s non-violent resistance. And how the cowardly thugs who tried to use violence and abuse against it were spurned by the good people of white America (and later became cowardly anonymous blog commenters).

Think of an America that didn’t produce a candidate as brilliant, thoughtful and strong and sharp as Barack Obama. With our shameful, still-unrepented-for history of slavery and segregation we didn’t deseve them, but they offeed us a chance for at least partial redemption, and to our credit we took it.

But it didn’t have to happen that way. You can call it luck or you can call it grace. But it’s something worth celebrating.



  1. When you speak of cowardly thugs, you have to be revering to the murderers of Dr King or the wicked Governors, mayors, city councils, police departments and good christian citizens of this Evilly Great nation of ours.

    Why not give The Hon. Louis Farrakhan a chance to run this country his cabinet would look nothing like that of Your handpicked Negro president that we have today. The Minister has never order anyone to be killed He has asked no one to break any laws, in fact He orders all people that are with Him to obey all laws of the Land.

    You people are just afraid that We will do to you what you have done to Us. Well God did not make Black People that way, He made Us in his image and after His likeness. Black people are the most forgiving on the planet, We have not rose up and eliminated white people, for imposing on Us every vile and evil thing the Devil could commit against the Children of God. Yet to this day We still love yall.

    Comment by Mr. Lee X Slave — January 19, 2009 @ 10:25 am | Reply

  2. “With our shameful, still-unrepented-for history of slavery and segregation we didn’t deseve them, but they offeed us a chance for at least partial redemption, and to our credit we took it.”

    How is America unprepentant about slavery? This is the kind of divisive rhetoric one would expect from race hustlers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Spike Lee. In 233 years, this country, warts and all, has become a shining example for the rest of the world when it comes to tolerance. I’ve been to the Middle East where slavery still exists, both indentured servitude and actual slavery where the Arabs OWN black people. And then there is Europe which is now reprising those heady days of pogroms and Jew-baiting of the 1930’s.

    Martin Luther King said that we should judge a man not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character. Sadly, Obama is the perfect example of just the opposite– and is exactly what a gullible and white-guilt ridden electorate has done. Bravo.

    Comment by J.J. Sefton — January 19, 2009 @ 1:31 pm | Reply

  3. Dubois was right about the talented tenth. You can see that tenth in the photographs of the African-American meritocracy by Timothy Greendfield-Sanders now at the Brooklyn Museum. What white Americans regard as their birthright, a brilliant elite had to earn, in a struggle for survival, for black Americans to even get a taste of those rights. Do we not remember Joe Louis on the radio? Ralph Ellison getting an honoray degree? A. Philip Randolph, a railroad porter, at the White House? Teddy Wilson integrating Benny Goodman’s band? Romare Bearden opening at the Koontz Gallery? Marian Anderson and Leontyne Price? The Williams sisters and Tiger Woods carried on a sea of whiteness? Sidney Poitier, August Wilson, Rosa Parks, Edward Brooke, Harry Belafonte, Jackie Robinson, Nipsey Russell, Lena Horne, Rev. C.L. Franklin, Althea Gibson, Paul Robeson, Josephine Baker, each a one, and only one, among the many of the other. Now add to that list, President Obama, also a one, and only one. May God have mercy on the USA!

    Comment by charlie finch — January 20, 2009 @ 9:35 am | Reply

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