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September 24, 2008

Beverage Blogging: Yerba Mate and the Wisdom of the Ancients

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Having thoroughly dissed Starbucks’ plans to bet their future on the atrocious “Pike’s Place” as their de-fault brew (see 9/6 post) I feel a responsibility to offer readers something to substitute for at least some of their energizing caffeinated needs.

When I say Yerba Mate, I know a lot of people will shrug and say, tried it, what’s the big deal? I did too when I drank it in teabag form. I sensed something there, trying to speak to me, but it wasn’t strong enough to get through.

Then I discovered Wisdom of the Ancients. No, not the actual wisdom of the ancients which I’m sure is too elevated for me, but Wisdom of the Ages brand.

More specifically Wisdom of the Ancients powdered extract of Yerba mate. So okay you don’t get the much-hyped cult mystique of drinking mate through a silver straw. But–and your mileage will vary, so use caution–the extract allows you to make it really strong. And for me that makes all the difference. I getyerba mate now. it doesn’t have the straight ahead speedy rush of coffee, that powerful locomotive force. But it does have a strong awakening thing going and–here’s where it really different from coffee–a gentle but insistent, uplifting, euphoriant effect. Just right for morning at time of the day when you’re still groggy it’s got a “keep hope alive!” feel to it. And that means something in the landscape of hopelessness in which we live.

Yes it takes some getting used to the smoky taste and if you like choose the variety (Yerba Mate “Royale”) sweetened with stevia. Vitamin Shoppe stores in New York can order it for you, as Iimagine health food stores everywhere can–or get it through the website. But make sure you get the extract, not the tea. Otherwise you might as well be drinking Pike’s Place although you won’t get the Pike’s Place headache. (May be we can drive Starbucks to withdraw the acrid swill).

Anyway try it morning and evening in place of coffee and you’ll thank me I think. Always glad to be of service



  1. Now you’re talking. This is best sipped by the Rio Platte, either side. If you have a Maté cup and a bombilla, you can follow in the foot steps of the ancients by sipping Maté the traditional way.

    Then, a tango.

    There’s hope for you. I’ll meet you in Montevideo. Chau.

    Comment by MarkO — September 24, 2008 @ 8:27 pm | Reply

  2. Ron, apparently we’re all alone here. Alone but awake.

    Comment by MarkO — September 26, 2008 @ 2:43 pm | Reply

  3. Ron you need to cut back your Starbucks consumption.

    Comment by Drew — September 26, 2008 @ 7:57 pm | Reply

  4. Mr Rosenbaum, what, you can’t wake up without artificial stimulants? Whatever do those poor Mormons do to get moving in the morning? And why do they always seem so energetic and chirpy?

    Comment by Dan D — September 29, 2008 @ 7:16 am | Reply

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