Ron Rosenbaum, Writer

September 20, 2007

Worst. Cereal. Ad. Ever

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Please Madison Avenue: don’t ruin my morning this way. I’m talking about the new (I think) All Bran tv ad which goes on about their amazingly fabulous ten- day plan for super-duper regularity. I stumbled awake this morning turned on the tv just as the All Bran ad had begun and began regretting getting out of bed.

It’s spokesperson is a garbage-man and he’s standing at the back of his garbage truck as he delivers his pitch. And then…and then… Well at the tail end of the ad, so to speak, the rear loading door of the garbage truck opens and a hideous torrential mass of sludgy garbage slides out.

Subtle, no? You know I’m not that queasy, but I’m curious: can anyone top that as the most repellant tv spot in memory?


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