Ron Rosenbaum, Writer

September 14, 2007

Okay, It's Not Just the DITECH Guy's Hidden Agenda–It's His Phony Crackerbarrel Voice

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In a previous blog post I’ve written about what seems to me to be the hidden agenda behind the glut of DITECH mortgage ads. Now new ones that blare “Fix your ARM!” (get it?) are plaguing the cable airwaves. Although they all work in that “People are smart” slogan–i.e. you’re not a dumb rube lured into financial ruin by “illusionists”, but a smart dude who walked right into the financial quicksand with eyes wide open–you’re smart! So it’s not our fault. You knew what you were doing when you bought our pitch. Sue yourself.

But I realized what really got on my nerves was the voice in the ads. I don’t know if it’s the same guy, but there used to be a REALLY irritating tv ad voice I thought of as “Cracker Barrel Guy”. He wasn’t a spokesman for Crackerbarrel Cheese, but head same cheesy, faux-folksy, salty-old codger-voice. Jes sittin’ around the ol’ cracker barrel and talkin’ national brands Chester.” It was supposed, I guess, to signifiy flinty Vermont honesty.

Well now he’s back! Well if it’s not him it’s his deliberate doppelganger doing an imitation of His Folkiness. Crackerbarrel Junior! God does that phony voice grate. Particularly as a device for vouching for the old fashioned pristine honesty of the mortage broker business that now threatens to destroy the world economy. Grates like a poorly oiled porch door. . Hey Chester, get your windy friend off his butt and tell him to fix the creaky old thing. Oh that’s him talking.

Please someone, get Crackerbarrell Junior’s fraudluent creaky-crack off the tube.


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