Ron Rosenbaum, Writer

August 17, 2007

Get Rid of the Bloated Buffoon: Seize the Mine! Go to Utah, Dems!

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If you had been watching the coverage full-time yesterday as i was you would have seen a particularly shameful moment engineered by the hideous incompetents of Murray Energy Company led by bloated criminal buffoon mine owner Bob Murray.

The day before the horrible unnecessary, criminal death of the 3 rescue workers, some other rescue workers were expressing unwillingness to continue the rescue work because of dangerous conditions that this murderous company forced them to work under. The repellant, subhuman lackeys of Morgan Energy insidiously hinted at a press conference that these workers–who were trying to raise a warning flag and save not only their own lives but the lives of their fellow workers–lacked courage. Right. I didn’t see bloated buffoon Bob Murray risk his life. No, he just, in effect, shoved the rescue workers to their death all the while trying to maintain the illusion of paternalistic concern for the miners.

And speaking of courage. After the deaths of the workers who fled from the camera’s eye, refused to show up at the next day’s press conference, hid his cowardly face from the world like the yellow dog he is? You guessed it, our Bob Murray, until now, Wilfred Brimley teddy-bear media darling.

At last I think the mask has come off, but of course it’s too late for the 3 dead and the 6 probably no longer alive.

We need to get the lives of these miners out of the hands of this sick cruel caricature of vicious capitalist.

My suggestion: all 9 or 10 Democratic candidates for president drop their intra-party wrangling, descend on the stricken mining town and tell the world they won’t leave until the mine is taken out of the hands of its killer owners. it would mean more to what the Democratic Party is supposed to stand for than anything else they’ve done. Republicans too, show that you’re not knee-jerk lick spittle lapdogs of wealthy corporate contributors.

I don’t have much hope for this but nothing in recent history has so starkly illustrated how corrupt the federal regulatory system is and how much murder of the poor is hidden behind the anti-septic phase “de-regulation”.


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  1. This story is so utterly depressing. And I am a disillusioned Democrat, to the point where I actually joined the communist party. If George Bush can push us so far to the right, why can’t our dems push to the left even a little bit? I can’t stand it. No wonder our students don’t vote. And the poor, who overwhelmingly say that none of these candidates will make a bit of difference in their lives, put it all in perspective.

    Comment by Sandy — August 19, 2007 @ 9:50 pm | Reply

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