Ron Rosenbaum, Writer

August 13, 2007

Can We Finally Cancel the Firetrap Shuttle?

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I’m sure others have said this but nothing’s happened. And I say this as someone who was actually there on the Cape to report on the launch of the very first shuttle back in 1981… It was over rated then, it’s a shameful death-dealing publicity stunt now.

It’s inexcusable to repeatedly risk the lives of the brave astronauts to save the jobs of the incompetent half-wit bureaucrats running NASA who keep sending up a vehicle so poorly designed that it repeatedly either sets itself on fire or comes close enough so that the entire voyage becomes about whether the voyage will be a horrible disaster. Meanwhile wasting taxpayer money on junior high level science experiments.

Not to mention putting the nation through this hideous drama of first denying there’s much of a problem, then realizing things are serious (as today when they found the “dent” was a “gash” that pierced the heat proofing tiles to the flammable aluminum hull beneath. Then going through the “emergency space walk” repair drama. And this time with some useless earthbound “simulation” of the accident gash that will supposedly let us learn more about their pathetic life-threatening incompetence in attempting to repair the useless deathtrap.

NASA: get these poor souls home safely, then turn in your space ranger badges.


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  1. Let us thank all the southern politicians who have treated the space
    program as an employment agency and little else as in Tom Delay. I forget
    which astronaut who said that if someone had told him back in the seventies there would be no
    moon base by this time he wouldn’t
    have believed them. Sf fans read
    “Manifold Space” for a rant about
    the US space program.

    Comment by meantime08 — August 14, 2007 @ 5:59 pm | Reply

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