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January 2, 2007

Another Idiocy from Iran: the Hitler-was-a-Jew Myth

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Sometimes I feel like Pacino in Godfather III: “I keep trying to get out and they keep pullin’ me back in.” You might have seen on Drudge or Ynet today that one of the advisers to genocidal clown Ahmadinejad had opined that Hitler was a Jew and that his consciousness of Jewishness led him to perpetrating the Holocaust, except of course the Holocaust didn’t happen. Sorry, it was Hitler the Jew collaborating with the U.K. and the U.S.S.R. to create the state of Israel. There’s your true history for you.

It perpetrates one of the most lasting and pernicious urban legends about Hitler. It’s one I spent some time investigating and debunking in %%AMAZON=006095339X Explaining Hitler%%. Almost all versions of it stem from the unfounded allegations of mass murdering Jew hater Hans Frank, who presided over the Holocaust in Poland, and by conniving blackmailing Hitler half-nephew William Patrick Hitler.

In contemporary times it’s been sold to the credulous by over-credulous Swiss psychoanalyst Alice Miller, who wanted to use it to prop up her theory that paternal physical abuse made Hitler Hitler, thus advancing her otherwise noble goal of ending corporal punishment. (She foolishly and without evidence argued that Hitler’s daddy was mad at little Adolf because Daddy had issues about maybe being half Jewish. In the Iranian version surfacing today, both Hitler parents and a grandparent seem to be Jewish. One is tempted to use the word “overkill”, although in this context…)

In any case there exists no evidence for any of the claims.(Hitler’s father was illegitimate but no evidence has surfaced the father’s father father was Jewish). Nonetheless the myth has been taken up in a peculiarly cruel way by anti-Semites, most lately the Ahmadinejad’s adviser (by their kooks you shall know them).

As I say in my book “The remarkable persistence of the will to believe the Jewish blood theory…suggests it fills some deeper need…to find some Jew, any Jew…to blame for the Holocaust.”

It’s not exactly Holocaust-denial, but it shares with that movement a disdain for facts and a hatred of Jews, and what might be called Holocaust perpetrator denial. Nobody committed this hideous crime. the Jews did it to themselves. In any case it’s of a piece with the Iranian “Holocaust conference” agenda: delegitimize the State of Israel, delegitimize the original Holocaust of the Jews in order to prepare the ground for the next one.

I thought it was impossible to have any more contempt and loathing than I already did for the Ahmadinejad clique. I guess I was in denial about that.



  1. Is it possible that they are just making stuff up to antagonize us or are they slowly reading through 80 year old copies of the Dearborne Independent and listening to old 78s of Father Coughlin?

    What is next? An attack on the Federal Reserve or Jitterbugging?

    Not that being “kooks” makes them less dangerous, only harder to understand.

    Comment by jimmy — January 2, 2007 @ 3:10 pm | Reply

  2. Notification- up front- I’m extremely pro-Isreal and I consider myself as a friend to jewish people.

    However, I’m not convinced that an historical theory that argues that Hitler had a jewish ancester is just an anti-semetic attack on the Holocaust. Nevertheless, Ahmadinejad attempt’s to use this theory as the foundation for the “jews are responsible for the Holocaust” is anti-semetic rubbish.

    Yet,if the “hitler had a jewish ancester argument is true , then it’s still a illogical stretch to claim that it would make jewish people responsible for the Holocaust.
    Only Ahmadinejad, the mad Madhi wannabe, could produce that nonsense. The world has long sense recognized he is incapable of making any logical connections and is pushing his latest insane theory to willing dupes.

    That being said-
    I’ve read a convincing history that presented evidence that the possibility exists that Hitlers father’s mother became pregnant while working for a wealthy jewish family and recieved child support payments from them for the rest of her life. However, a jewish friend explained that their religious laws determine that only the maternal line counts. So I understood from him, that Hitler cannot be considered jewish under jewish laws. Also, I confess I have not read your book to receive your rebuttal,and I will do so.

    So to get to my point. It appears that the Holocaust deniers are attempting (among other insanities) to resurrect the old Nazi definition of being Jewish as a genetic idenity.

    I wouldn’t trust a “convincing history” if it takes as fact the myth first spread by the pre-anschluss Austrian secret service, later by mass murderer Hans Frank, who sought to blame the Jews for the crime of Hitler. Exactly what primary document does the “convincing history” produce to support its contention? I am aware of none.–r.r.

    Comment by Ki — January 2, 2007 @ 7:51 pm | Reply

  3. I will have to dig up that history book. I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t recall the author but it was a large history on the life of Hitler. I believe it’s buried in my library collection storage. (I have over 3,800 books)

    I remember the author was citing documents, but I confess that I didn’t go over his/her sources (court and government docs, letters etc) with a highly critical eye. I was startled by the theory but it wasn’t the type of research I prioritize in my work. Moreover, I can’t check authenticity of the original documents in my current situation. But apparently you can or have done so. Again, I will read your book to get a clearer understanding of what exactly did or didn’t happen.

    Comment by Ki — January 2, 2007 @ 10:45 pm | Reply

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